More photos from skating on Sunday.

It's a good thing I got my skating in on Sunday. I had a feeling that might be my last opportunity to go skating this year, and it seems like I was probably right. The temperature yesterday was a few degrees over freezing, and today it was 8.6 C when I checked. I doubt there's much left of the ice on Edsviken now. What remains will surely be gone soon, because the forecase calls for temperatures around 8-10 C in the coming days. I welcome Spring's arrival with some reluctace; the skating on Sunday was fun, and only one afternoon of skating is not really enough for a whole year.

Here are a few more photos from my outing on Sunday.

A nice Irish woman named Norma took this excellent photo of me. We skated one lap together and chatted about living as foreigners in Sweden.

There were plenty of other skaters on the lake, so I was not at all concerned about safety. Nevertheless, I had my safety equipment with me just in case the unexpected happened.

Sollentuna appears across the ice, silhouetted by the sunset.

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