Two things to be thankful for this Tuesday

  1. I passed the TWS 8.2 certification exam today with a score of 92%. I answered all the questions in well under half the allotted time, but I spent most of the rest of the time adding comments and corrections to many of the test questions. I think if some of the questions hadn't been poorly written, I might have gotten closer to 100%. Maybe I'll write the exam next time.

  2. I fixed an excellent dinner tonight: chicken with mushroom and white wine sauce, served on a bed of basmati rice. Having already opened the bottle of 2003 Château de Rochemorin for the sauce, I thought it a shame to let the rest go to waste; I finished well over half the bottle before I came to my senses and remembered to save some wine to accompany the leftovers tomorrow. I must thank my lovely English friend and former neighbor Pamela Ware for introducing me to this delightful wine. It's a bit more expensive than the wines I usually buy, but it's worth the extra few sovereigns.
Drinking three glasses of wine with a large meal tends to stave off insomnia, so I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. Over and out.

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