Sasha enjoys basking in the morning sunlight.

Alex does too. He's almost too big for his chosen perch.

Alex watches the birds outside.

Here's a close-up of Alex's eye. There's something beautiful about a cat's eyes.

Here one of Sasha's eye, lest she feel left out.

Here's a typical scene: the cats want to attack each other, but only as much as possible without actually having to move. It's just too comfortable there in the sun.

Here you can see that Sasha's eyes are slightly different shades. Her right eye was injured by one of her littermates when she was a kitten.

Finally, here's a good portrait of both cats. It looks like they're posing for the photo. Believe me: they're not posing. They're looking at a decoy. I waved a piece of paper around behind the camera to attract their attention. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to convince them both to look the same way simultaneously. They do not follow orders very well.


Åsa said...

Jättesött! We are soon done with the CSI game and if you want to borrow it to your Mac you are more than welcome... :-) Happy Friday!

Thos said...

Great picture of TWO cats! Have you considered pet photography?

Petra said...

Oj, vilka fina katter!